Do you have seized or stuck injectors in your vehicle?

We can help, with our injector removal service which can save you £100s in engine overhaul work. We are equipped with the latest in injector removal and extraction equipment allowing us to apply a force of up to 35 tons to remove seized injectors at a sensible cost. We can’t guarantee to remove them all (no one honestly can) but we do have a very high and proven success rate.

We can work on all make and model of vehicle using specialist our injector removal tools.

We can come to you

If you vehicle is able to you can bring it into our workshop or if it’s more convenient we can come to you.

New injector supply

If we are successful in removing your seized or stick injector we can supply new one quickly, efficiently and at low prices.

Injector Removal Service

Get in touch with us today to book your vehicle in.